The High Commissioner for Spain Entrepreneurial Nation coordinates the Spain Entrepreneurial Nation Strategy through a system of governance comprising four bodies.

  • Government Executive Committee for Economic Affairs (CDGAE)

    A collegiate body entrusted with studying the Government’s general economic policy guidelines. Its purpose is to coordinate with the ministries to ensure that their policies are coherent with the economic policy criteria of the Government.

  • Working Group for Spain Entrepreneurial Nation

    An inter-ministerial technical forum ensuring the proper development and progress of the Strategy. The Working Group is responsible for creating the indicators necessary to measure the specific progress of the policies that will be implemented through the Spain Entrepreneurial Nation Strategy.

  • Sectoral Conference for Industry and SMEs

    The primary objective of the Sectoral Conference for Industry and SMEs, which met for the first time in 1993, is to ensure the necessary coherence, coordination, and collaboration regarding policies concerning industry and SMEs between Spain’s Central Administration, its Autonomous Communities, and the Autonomous Cities of Ceuta and Melilla.

Advisory Board for Spain Entrepreneurial Nation

This body advises and collaborates with innovative startups and civil society. It provides a space channelling the participation of all the actors involved to ensure the progress of the Spain Entrepreneurial Nation Strategy.

The Advisory Board will comprise up to 50 professionals of renowned prestige and experience, who will contribute to the progress of the Entrepreneurial Nation.

Its functions are to:

  1. 1Advise the High Commissioner on the development and implementation of the Spain Entrepreneurial Nation Strategy.
  2. 2Produce documents and analysis on the implementation of the Strategy and the status of innovative entrepreneurship in our country.
  3. 3Encourage the Spanish people to assume ownership of the mission to make Spain an Entrepreneurial Nation.
  4. 4Promote dialogue between all the social and economic partners to contribute to the achievement of the Strategy’s objectives.